First Blog

Hi everyone; this is my first Blog so please be patient with me. Our new web-site is just becoming operational (thanks to my son-in-law Ken ), and so am I, as this is all new to me. We will be refining our web-site over the next few week by adding on our audio teachings from both morning services, beginning with the gospel of Matthew to where we are presently in the 3rd chapter of Acts. This will include both Pastor Frank Sr’s and Pastor Frank Jr’s teachings. Once we have caught up with where we are now we will go back to Genesis and start adding on those audio teachings. Also we have a feature on our web-site called “The Family,” that when operational will be like a face-book for our church family and friends.

I hope to use my blog to post written teachings that I have done on topics, ranging from marriage, to biblical apocalyptic literature.
I hope, if you find my blog helpful, or interesting, that you will tell others to read it as well.

So until I post my first teaching I would ask God’s blessing on each one of you.

Frank Thomas Sr.
Sr. Pastor
Berean Calvary Chapel